• Advanced course & primary course of plant protection: continuing to accept application
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After-sale service


Devo's after-sales team has been established for four years. With its professional maintenance technology and timely response speed, it has won the praise of Longjiang customers! At the same time, devo has also become a pilot unit for Dajiang to build Heilongjiang after-sales demonstration area, and has been supported by Dajiang technology and after-sales Magna! Considering the short working time of plant protection, once the plant protection machine breaks down, if there is a service station in the local area, the farmers can repair it quickly without delaying the work. We continue to build devo authorized service shop. After careful consideration and continuous screening, now devo authorized service shop has spread all over the land of Longjiang!

Training starts

Advanced and junior courses of plant protection: continuing to be enrolled.
Now accept the students from all regions of Heilongjiang Province to apply, and our branch has training and enrollment points in all regions of the province, students can apply in the local!
Registration Hotline:17382886966    17611222319     17382888652
Nangang Branch of Harbin is located in the beautiful ice city of Harbin. Since its inception, it has been exploring and seeking truth for many years, adhering to the spirit of "being proficient in industry and thinking in practice". Harbin Nangang Branch has cooperated with many universities in Harbin to provide talents for the society. Nangang Branch of Harbin has become a modern brand education with culture influence, development characteristics, teaching quality and management level. Our teachers are famous teachers with many years of training experience. In order to make every student make the greatest progress, the school is committed to building a high-level professional teaching team. Harbin Nangang Branch is committed to training students with strong practical ability.
Harbin Nangang Branch emphasizes all for students, all for students, all for students. We ask teachers to ignite love with love, transmit warmth with warmth, spread respect with respect, enlighten wisdom with wisdom and guide encouragement with encouragement.
The idea of Harbin Nangang Branch is to stimulate curiosity and divergent thinking, rather than simply instilling knowledge. We should cultivate rich souls and ideas instead of imparting skills. "Good scholars do their best, and good practitioners find it difficult."
Harbin Nangang Branch is good at integrating the high-quality educational resources inside and outside the school, integrating the wisdom of all parties, providing a fertile land for the healthy growth of the majority of users, and building a platform for the continuous development of teachers.
Enter Harbin Nangang campus, you will find that UAV is really simple!
The development of Harbin Nangang Branch is not only a group of high-quality teachers and a good and comfortable teaching environment, but also inseparable from the participation of talents from all walks of life.

Drug use

Guidance on the use of chemicals